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Sometimes there are certain projects that get completely out of hand due to enthusiasm. Often through shared enthusiasm, with the client in the team. Even more often out of personal interest in the technology and the product. The AI beer, developed by Handpicked agencies and Breda Frontaal, is one of those.

A few months ago we brainstormed with the founder of Frontaal Brewing Company, Roel Buckens, about what possibilities AI has to offer to Frontaal. What if you let AI tools determine the brewing process, ingredients, design and marketing entirely? What kind of beer would that be?

Statistically proven

If you have a passion for beer and enjoy exploring new flavours, you are undoubtedly already familiar with Untappd. On this platform, you can not only record your favourite beers, but also share valuable reviews with a community of like-minded people. But did you know that Untappd houses a wealth of information not only for us beer enthusiasts? For brewers, this platform offers a unique opportunity to access valuable data.

Statistically proven

AI triple beer

An ode to autumn

Using advanced AI technologies, we trained a model that delved deep into the data, deciphered and refined the ingredients and preparation methods of these beers. And here the intriguing part begins... We were guided by the seasons and discovered that the beer of the month for September had a distinctive 'fruity note'. What follows is a subtle but tasteful discovery: in September the pear shines as the ultimate symbol of this month.

We applied these revealing insights in a unique way to the craft brewing process at Frontaal. Our talented brewmasters took this data 1:1 and merged it with their extensive expertise. The result? Beer that not only stimulates the senses but also tells a story that goes to the heart of the season.

An ode to autumn

Frontaal Tripel Intelligence Beer Cans in a pile of pears

"It's exciting – there are 6,000 liters in that boiler"

Sjoerd van Oosten

Creative Director Handpicked Lab

The day of judgement

We tasted the finished product. It was exciting - there were 6,000 litres in that boiler. How does it taste? Is it a real triple? Isn't the pear too overpowering? The first sip was immediately appreciated and we thought the result was very good! Or, as Roel himself puts it: "Gold 🔥"

Are you curious and want to try it? Then come along to our Friday afternoon drinks or order the beer in the Frontaal webshop.

The day of judgement

Rob, Sjoerd, Jascha, Guus, Samet, Roel & Frontaal's brewing-bot in the factory hall of Breda's microbrewery Frontaal.
Rob, Sjoerd, Jascha, Guus, Samet, Roel & frontaal's brew-bot in the factory hall of Breda's microbrewery Frontaal