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What we changed for the better

Since 2019, we have been working with Nespresso to achieve their ambitious growth and sustainability goals. As a certified B-corp, Nespresso shows how commercial and sustainability goals can reinforce each other, if you put effort into finding that synergy. We helped them find a flexible platform solution. Since then, with a multidisciplinary team, we do at least 50 experiments a year to improve customer experience and platform performance. In this way, we contribute to the optimisation of the coffee journey and the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

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Innovating since 2019

Nespresso needed a flexible platform solution that contributed to a short time to market and the ability to continuously optimise the customer experience and platform performance based on data and insights. To meet this need from a technology perspective, we implemented the headless CMS Contentful alongside Hybris (SAP Commerce Cloud), the system behind Nespresso's global platform. This gives Nespresso maximum freedom in managing and optimising region-specific parts of the platform.

Experiment, learn, optimise

Since then, we have been working iteratively with Nespresso to improve the platform: from optimising the coffee journey to reducing CO2 emissions. We derive the hypotheses for this from qualitative and quantitative data and insights from previous experiments. We measure the impact of each release separately. This way, we ensure that only those changes that contribute positively to the customer experience and conversion are actually implemented.

This is how we work together

We serve Nespresso with multiple Handpicked agencies, from 1 integrated strategy. A programme manager centrally manages this from Handpicked Integrated Business. Together, we continuously seek an optimal balance between structured and planned development on the one hand and flexible anticipation of new developments and insights on the other.

An optimal coffee journey

An example of a CX optimisation is the addition of quick filters with the most used options at the top of the category page, so coffee lovers can get to the right type of capsules faster. Another example is the add-to-cart button, where you choose the number of capsules in one interaction.

The Nespresso Advisor

In the physical Nespresso boutiques, personal attention and appropriate advice are paramount. To approach this level of experience online, we developed the 'Nespresso advisor': your personal digital barista and choice guide when you search for the flavours that suit you best on Nespresso.nl.

Nespresso Advisor

CO2 efficiency by design

A significant challenge for Nespresso, as a leader in the sustainability of the coffee industry, is reducing their CO2 footprint. This includes transporting fewer half-empty parcels, which was a daily occurrence. Based on user research and testing various solutions, we have optimised the shopping cart and checkout. Visitors receive a combination of nudges towards environmental awareness and convenience, which encourages them to order a minimum of 5 tubes. This has resulted in a minimisation of inefficient orders, and therefore both a more favorable CO2 footprint per order and a conversion improvement of 14.4%.