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What we changed for the better

Brabantia, known for their household products that are just that little bit more beautiful, enjoyable and sustainable, has carved a place in the homes and hearts of millions of people worldwide in their 100-plus years of existence. We helped this certified B-corp develop their own online flagship store, as a foundation for the further growth of their D2C e-business.

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An overview of the Brabantia website

Long-term collaboration

Just like Handpicked, Brabantia has roots in Brabant. Naturally, this creates a bond, but is no guarantee of success. The mutual trust and the combined team that we have developed together over the past ten years certainly are. The current Brabantia.com is already the second version of their digital platform, which we continue to develop data-driven together. Around the platform, we actively work on innovation of the customer experience in a broader sense, for example, with AR applications.

Various Brabantia bins

From temptation to delivery

We developed brabantia.com, the foundation of Brabantia's digital business on Adobe Commerce. Through integrations with their PIM system Syncforce and WMS, we shaped the entire journey from temptation to delivery.

A number of Brabantia rubbish bins

Innovation of CX

Innovation is an important part of Brabantia's digital roadmap. On a regular basis, we conduct experiments with new technology to see how it can enrich the customer journey. For example, at an early stage, we applied AR to virtually 'fit' how the Bo bin from Brabantia fits in your kitchen. Besides contributing to the digital shopping experience, this kind of interactive functionality reduces the need to return products based on style-related arguments. Something that fits well with Brabantia's sustainability ambitions of being 100% circular by 2035.

A champagne-coloured Brabantia bin in a kitchen
Brabantia platform