On scale from farmer to plate


What we changed for the better

With many meal boxes, it's often unclear where the products in the box come from. Boerschappen does this differently. They choose for nutrition that nourishes from a chain that is virtuous, without making it complicated. With a growth percentage of no less than 500% in the last two years, it was time for Boerschappen to take the next step. We helped them with the transition to a mature player across the board. From strategy to brand, platform, app, marketing and fulfilment.


A combined team was formed, with people from Boerschappen itself, experts from Handpicked from BluebirdDay, Weekend, Fingerspitz, Unlock and Say Hai and Outsystems experts from myBrand Conclusion.

Plan of approach

We started the process at Boerschappen with a deep dive into their organisation, processes, market and ambitions. Based on these insights, we developed with the combined project team in a short time. We worked on various tracks, from identity to platform, app and fulfilment process.

Big room planning

Getting all the different fresh products from a food box, from farmer to plate fresh, is not easy. This complex process involves various parties and systems. Based on 'big room planning', we mapped the entire process and all dependencies with all involved parties. In this way, we discussed all exciting aspects before the start, made choices, and determined the correct process order. 

big room planning

The new Boerschappen

In a short period of time, we developed a completely new brand identity, platform, app and marketing approach with Boerschappen. In addition, Boerschappen's back-office system, subscription management system and packing band were renewed.

big room planning

From visitor to Boerschapper

On the platform, developed on Shopware, new customers start their Boerschappen customer journey. A visitor orders his first box with Mollie. Once the direct debit mandate is issued, the customer moves on to the subscription management system Chargebee - and the customer officially becomes a Boerschapper. With our API, we send the data to OutSystems, after which the engine for repeat orders to packing services starts running. 

big room planning

Boerschappen at hand

With the app, the Boerschapper can schedule, pause and pick up Boerschapper boxes, and check out delicious recipes!

Man stands in an orchard and picks an apple
Woman cooking

Download the app

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