Win hearts and minds in a changing world

A strong brand is an extraordinarily valuable asset. This is especially true in times of change, when people are searching for stability. Brands that can anticipate change from a clear and firmly established mission truly resonate within society.

Connect with intent

We redefine the role of your brand in the changing landscape and look at how a repositioning can contribute as much as possible to achieving your long-term goals. We assist in articulating your mission and vision to strengthen your connection with employees and customers based on shared values.

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Mission driven innovation

We are investigating through trend research, data analysis and consumer research how embracing new opportunities can contribute to strengthening your distinctive capabilities and achieving your mission.

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Design-driven distinction

A strong visual identity reinforces your brand positioning and helps people identify you in the right way. With a consistent rollout across all channels, we ensure growing recognition, trust, and engagement.

Digital Design Systems

With the explosion of the number of channels, resources and touchpoints, each serving a different function for the user, design management has become a complex task. We make this easy again with the development of a comprehensive design system, accessible via powerful asset management systems.

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Storytelling and content

We help bring your brand to life and intrigue customers with engaging stories on the channels they are on. We produce rich content, from copy, image, video, animation and 3D to new immersive media forms such as AR, VR and metaverse experiences.

Change your brand for the better

Handpicked helps in developing a strong brand with:

  • Brand transformation
  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Brand identity design
  • Digital design systems
  • Content strategy & production