Change action

Based on trend forecasting, customer insights and design thinking, we assist you in defining an inspiring vision for the future of your business and tangible action within weeks or even days.

Shifting worlds

Organisations today have to deal with a large number of impactful mega trends and transitions. And although each of these has its own label, they are highly interconnected. The shifting world.

Shifting worlds

Relevance today and tomorrow

This makes it necessary to take a holistic view of the relevance of your own organisation in this new reality. How is our right to exist today, and what constitutes our relevance tomorrow?

Journey mapping

Transformation as a state of being

Due to increasing complexity and speed of changes, this is no longer a question organisations can ask themselves every few years. Those who aim for a leading position in tomorrow's world ask this question every day and move towards a state of continuous transformation.


Improve your business

With design thinking methods and AI, we assist you in clarifying your vision and strategy and innovating new products, services, and revenue streams. No lengthy reports, but tangible creative output and working prototypes in weeks or even days. Handpicked helps strengthen your business with:

  • Strategic foresight
  • Sustainable transformation
  • Innovation strategy
  • Business model innovation
  • Product & service innovation
Journey mapping