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What we changed for the better

Rotterdampas has become the largest, most used and highest rated city pass in the Netherlands, with more than 225,000 passholders. We successfully made the switch from a pass with a magazine and a website to a fully-fledged digital and offline leisure & pleasure platform.


Rotterdampas excists for 35 years already and aims to enable as many people as possible to participate in society, with extra attention for target groups who have a harder time. People who participate in activities become more connected with the place they live and are less likely to become socially isolated. With the Rotterdampas, you can do fun things in and around Rotterdam, either for free or with a considerable discount. Think of free visits to museums, the cinema, sports, eating out and much more. In this way, the Rotterdampas ensures that the city becomes accessible to everyone, including people who have less to spend.

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Crossmedial product

The pass has grown into a successful cross-media product in which more than 400 providers from the city are participating. Together with these partners, Rotterdampas ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the cultural, sporting, educational and simply fun activities that the city has to offer. In addition, the Rotterdampas supports a number of municipal contributions, for example, for people on a low income. With these credits, the passholder can buy school and sports equipment, clothing and other products that contribute to participation.


Until a few years ago, the pass was mainly seen as a discount pass. In essence, it still is, but with the repositioning we emphasised the pleasure the pass brings. As a result, the Rotterdampas has grown into the largest, most used and highest appreciated city pass in the Netherlands, with more than 225,000 passholders. Of these, 99,000 cards are used by people with a low income. In Rotterdam, 1 in 4 people now have the pass. In total, more than a million activities are undertaken. With an outdoor campaign, website, app, magazine and social media channels, there is a cross-media platform that ensures maximum fun in own city. Each medium has its own role and contributes to the total experience, with the app, featuring all the promotions and inspirations, at its heart. Because the Rotterdampas communicates through so many channels, they manage to reach everyone in the city.

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App as digital heart

From the brand strategy, visual style and editorial formula to the digital strategy, content strategy and new features in the app. Everything we do for Rotterdampas revolves around the role as a pleasure expert. The app has become the central hub in this. Within the app, you can find the digital pass, all the actions and inspiration, and passholders can manage everything in their 'My Pass' account. This makes the app the starting point for all the fun things the city has to offer! Currently, the app is the most used channel for both inspiration and information about the actions. In doing so, it far outpaces the website, the magazine and other expressions, for all ages. In addition, the app is rated with 4.5+ stars in the Play Store and the App Store.


Testing and accessibility

As Rotterdampas is part of the municipality of Rotterdam, they have to comply with the accessibility guidelines level AA. In collaboration with, we have ensured that the app complies with the WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines. For example, the app is fully usable with VoiceOver / TalkBack. Throughout the entire design process, we used a test panel of Rotterdampas passholders. In interviews, we mapped their desires and challenges. We presented the designs, and when the app was built, we tracked the experiences based on their feedback and user data. The result: a digital heart of the brand that all Rotterdammers (and the client) enjoy to the fullest!

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