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What we changed for the better

Royal HaskoningDHV is a leading engineering firm. In 140 countries, they operate from their mission 'enhancing society together' in sectors as infrastructure, water, energy, industry, and urban environments, offering intelligent solutions for a sustainable future. The new corporate platform opens up the world of Royal HaskoningDHV and invites visitors to take on new challenges together.

The challenge
Royal HaskoningDHV works on sustainable solutions for the future, combining their knowledge as engineers, designers and advisors with software and technology. The resulting success stories are a powerful marketing tool. Ideally told by the professionals themselves; but engineers are not salespeople. How do you use technology and design to utilise the distinctive power of these professionals for your business on your own platform and beyond?


Automating social selling

The digital strategy is focused on matching cases with specialists and leads within specific sectors. By connecting with CRM (dynamics 365), personas are built to offer personalised content in the customer journey. Through the platform, the specific interest of a marketing lead (MQL) is identified and linked to the profile of a specialist. The MQL is then approached via LinkedIn Sales Navigator with relevant content. This extends the visitor experience beyond the platform.

Royal HaskoningDHV

Technical challenge

The scope of the initial project was to transfer an existing Sitecore 9 environment where a technical improvement was needed to optimise the platform's performance. Due to the technical setup within Azure, it was not possible to transfer the tenant. Therefore, a new, technically advanced and user-friendly platform has been developed - a headless solution on Sitecore 10 - that is ready for the future.

The design system

Improve customer experience

Analysis of the customer journeys revealed a need for an improved and more refined user experience. Therefore, the focus was on improving the filtering and search functions on the platform and optimising the flow. This included looking at SEO and offering relevant content. To achieve this, a design system was developed with enormous flexibility, with all pages built from reusable components. These components, together with the power of the CMS, ensure a consistent brand experience throughout the platform.

New user experience

A new component-based platform has been developed based on Sitecore 10. The new design is more user-friendly and appealing, has better navigation and clear call-to-actions. Through intuitive design and smart technology, the customer is better enabled to navigate through the website and find important information.  

Completely new user experience

Innovative approach to market

This platform is an integral part of an automated lead and sales funnel from MQL to SQL. Leads who request information through the platform are approached via LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The relationship with these leads is further strengthened by offering relevant content (whitepaper, projects etc.) via LinkedIn. The result is that we can connect with a CRM system (dynamics 365), to then build personas to offer personalised content in the customer journey. This leads to increased engagement and satisfaction among RoyalHaskoningDHV's customers.

New branding Royal HaskoningDHV

Better represented, without complete rebranding

With the new Sitecore 10 Managed Cloud environment, combined with a new design system, we were able to thoroughly review and improve the existing website in terms of design and functionality. The result: A platform as smart as it is human as the basis for performance-based marketing within a corporate organisation.

RoyalHaskoningDHV case